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Flash fight secures life-changing tech for patients

Diabetes patients across the UK have seen their ‘Fight for Flash’ ensure life-changing technology is available in many parts of the country.

Flash Glucose Monitoring is new technology that can be life-changing for people living with diabetes.

Helen Dickens from Diabetes UK explains:

Flash is small sensor that sits just under the skin and allows people to scan their blood glucose levels whenever they want. This frees them from the pain of frequent finger prick testing, making it easier to keep on top of blood glucose levels and manage their condition.

We believe everyone with diabetes should have access to the right treatments and technology for them, no matter where they live or what they can afford. That’s why we’ve been campaigning over the last two years for Flash to be free across the UK on the NHS.

Campaigners secured their first victory when the NHS agreed it could be prescribed from 1st November 2017 across the UK.

Over 16,000 campaigners then took action to ensure local decision makers (Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Boards and Health Trusts) agreed to policies on prescribing the technology for people with diabetes in their area.

Helen Dickens congratulated the campaigners:

We’ve been inspired by these people’s inventive and brave campaigning.

People have told their stories to MPs, the press, local NHS bosses and councillors. They’ve driven local campaigns – bringing doctors and decision makers together to prove the benefits of Flash. They’ve attended local events and campaigning stunts; holding placards and local decision makers to account.

But there is still work to do before everyone who needs it can access Flash.

Nearly one year on, over 60 per cent of areas have some access to Flash and thousands have benefitted from accessing Flash on prescription. Doctors are also reporting improvements in people’s management of diabetes and the potential reductions in serious diabetes related complications such as amputations and blindness.

To find out more about the campaign and access to Flash in your area please visit us at

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