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Campaigners take action to defend freedoms

Mairi Campbell-Jack

Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House.JPG

Campaigners are taking action to ensure basic freedoms of speech are upheld at an event in Edinburgh.

Quakers in Britain are concerned that while charities, religious organisations and social enterprises have a long and proud tradition of advocating for social change, the space for campaigning has become ever tighter in recent years.

Restrictions include the non-party campaigning rules that cover elections and referendums, and restrictive clauses in government grants and contracts banning organisations from criticising the UK government.

Charity representative body Bond and Quakers in Britain are working with organisations from across the UK to create a more open environment for advocacy and campaigning.

The free half day event in Edinburgh on 13 November 2018 is designed to hear from the public about their experiences. The event will also help attendees learn more about the wider environment for voice and campaigning in Scotland and the UK and connect with other organisations to share experiences.

Similar events will take place in Manchester and London with funding provided by Civitates.

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