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Formerly homeless Mayor inspires change at charity event

The House of Lords heard how 320,000 people experience homelessness in England in particular the London Borough of Newham where 1 in every 24 people do not have a home.

Speaking at the event, designed to focus on the solutions to homelessness that are available, the Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz revealed her personal experience of being homeless:

When I was 16, we lost our beautiful, family home. Myself, my three siblings and parents lived in temporary accommodation for around eight years, and we spent a period ‘sofa-surfing’ in my uncle’s overcrowded home. It took my family some ten years to recover, but the trauma of losing your home never leaves you.

I want to convey my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to Caritas Anchor House, a formidable charity delivering a profoundly important service.

Each year, Caritas Anchor House provides hundreds of people with a place to call home, and gives them the support they need to turn their lives around. By providing education, guidance and personal rehabilitation, they supported 262 homeless people last year, of which 45 secured employment and 91 went on to move into their own homes.

Amanda Dubarry, Caritas Anchor House Chief Executive, said:

Home is not just about a place, it’s about how you feel. You can’t put a value on that, and I can see that every day in the work that Caritas Anchor House does. Here, people move in and move on, connections are made, confidence is built, skills grow, barriers are broken and difficulties are eased. It’s a place where people believe in you.

I am humbled every day by the work our staff do and the impact that they have so thank you for being superbly professional, for being dedicated to other people, but most of all, thank you for staying kind because it matters.

The charity needs help to ensure that every person that walks through their doors has access to the best support possible, making the hope of an independent life a reality.

For more information, or to make a contribution to turn a life around, please visit or call 020 7476 6062.