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The Rooftop’s Year In Review

The Rooftop has been sharing positive news from around the country for over four months now.

There have been over 2 million views of our content featuring news worth shouting about. So here’s our run down of the most popular issues that matter and campaigns making a difference.

The singing firefighters

The Fire Tones, a group of singing firefighters from Welshpool, sold more physical copies of their charity single but were kept from the “official” UK Christmas number one by streaming and downloads of other songs. But while they may not have claimed the overall top spot in the charts, they are our top story with more than double the amount of views for this story than any other!

The Human Lending Library

People were as puzzled as they were excited by the British Library’s tie up with Expert Impact to give social enterprises the ability to borrow skills.

Vegan Mum changes the menu

A Mum’s campaign to get vegan school meals for her daughter takes third spot. Since we reported on the story, mainstream media have followed up on the campaign to ask Governments’ to provide at least one vegan food option on menus in public buildings.

Period Poverty is the issue of the year

Unite’s campaign for period dignity got more views than the two other stories we’ve run on period poverty. But from Wolverhampton to Scotland, campaigners are taking action to tackle what has been one of the fastest growing issues of the year.

Suicide awareness for teachers

Our story about Ben West’s moving campaign to ensure teachers have suicide awareness training saw education Ministers from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland commit to take action or look into the issue. The Department for Education in England was less supportive, despite the English government’s appointment of a minister for suicide prevention.

Thank you to all our readers for their support in 2018 – we’re looking forward to growing The Rooftop in 2019 and we hope you’ll stay with us.

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