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New app to make public places more accessible to disabled and elderly

A new app has been launched to map out the most accessible shops, cultural attractions and other public places in the UK and Europe to the disabled and elderly.

The project is being spearheaded by the disability charity See Around Britain, which is seeking sponsorship to help develop the app further.

The charity has come a long way since it was first established more than 20 years ago, which began with its founder Marg McNiel taking more than half a million photos of public places. What began as a passion project for McNiel, who was born with a mobility impairment, has now become a vital way for us to know which places are accessible before visiting them.

See Around Britain is also calling on the public to help build the database of accessible public places and is keen to engage schoolchildren in the project too. The charity hopes that by getting people involved in the app, they will help raise awareness of the needs of disabled people, and how to best meet them.

The database also covers public transport, including trains in the UK and Eurostar, buses and taxis, stations and airports.

Anyone can contribute by writing venue descriptions, undertaking photo and video surveys of new venues, giving admin or editorial support, or contributing social media.

McNiel said:

A guiding principle of See Around Britain is that its website is fully inclusive and is not ‘a disabled-only’ website, so that it can reach as many citizens as possible and by its extensive use of photographs help them evaluate if a venue is suitable for their interests or specific requirements, and how to find it.

The team behind the app hopes to build on the success of the project by not only extending its coverage throughout the UK and Europe, but around the world too.

The app is available to download from Play Store and App Store. The app is also available to view from See Around Britain’s website:

 Photo by Charles Deluvio