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Period pack set to help conversations

A new educational tool has been launched to help schools discuss periods in the classroom.

Hey Girls, a social enterprise whose mission is to end period poverty in the UK, has launched the resources to help schools, community groups, and parents to have positive conversations about periods.

‘My Period’ is a pack of 50 cards with an image on one side and discussion on the other. The pack provides ‘Everything you want to know about periods’ with cards covering everything from the biology of menstruation to stigma and taboo; from menopause to menstrual cups.

Most pupils will only be taught about periods once or twice at school.

As standard, teachers often conduct a ‘girl puberty’ session at the end of Primary School (often with the boys sent out to play football or equivalent), followed by a biology lesson in lower Secondary.

With new Sex and Relationships education being developed separately in Scotland, England and Wales, Hey Girls are calling on schools to do more to break down stigma.

Kelly Walker-Reed, Founder of Project Give, a period poverty charity, said:

These cards are fantastic, they include everything that we would wish to design ourselves. They are frank, to the point, and don’t dance around sensitive issues but respect the differing knowledge of the audience.

Cllr Adam McVey, Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council welcomed the launch of the packs. He said:

It’s important that we end stigma by enabling girls and boys to have positive conversations about periods and in the process learn more. ‘My Period’ is a great idea and I know it will be really beneficial for all our schools.

As a Council we’ve been working closely with Hey Girls to make sure free sanitary products are available in all our high schools to tackle period poverty and it’s been a huge success.

Education is really key when it comes to highlighting period poverty.

Celia Hodson, Founder of Hey Girls, said:

We are delighted to launch My Period – the result of a huge collaboration with schools, youth clubs, groups that support homeless women, and many others.

Education is so important to break down the myths and taboo that still surround periods.

We know that schools often don’t have the time or the resources to do this properly, so they can end up with the bare minimum.

We need more consistency which is why we created My Period – to support teachers and educators to support girls and women across the UK

For more information, to purchase My Period cards, or to download free lesson plans go to

Image: Hey Girls

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