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Academics and doctors throw support behind climate change campaign

More than 1,000 qualified medical doctors have come out in support of a campaign to fight climate change.

The list of signatories includes a number of prominent academic and medical figures, including public health professors in British universities, former presidents of Medical Royal Colleges, and the editor of renowned medical magazine the British Medical Journal.

The letter has been published online and supports the use of nonviolent direct action by campaign group Extinction Rebellion. So far around 1,200 doctors have put their name to the letter.

Extinction Rebellion, which recently organised an international campaign involving tens of thousands of people, has claimed that increasing numbers of doctors are coming forward to support them to help safeguard people’s lives.

Dr Bing Jones, a retired associate specialist in haematology, said:

I was scared and frustrated by our apparent paralysis to act in the face of a climate and ecological disaster. More than 1,100 medical professionals speaking out in favour like this has the potential to influence policy and I urge more to come forward to support us.

The doctors are also backing school strikes started by the Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg.

Extinction Rebellion claims that the number of doctors coming forward demonstrates the depth of feeling by people from all backgrounds about climate change.

The letter follows a powerfully symbolic gesture at Glastonbury Festival on 27 June, which saw thousands of people come together to create the Extinction Rebellion hourglass logo. The hourglass was created to serve as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species.

Extinction Rebellion is calling on more people to support the campaign to encourage governments around the world to take action, and is organising a series of activities between now and the autumn to support this.

You can join the campaign by visiting


Image by Extinction Rebellion