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Diversity key to educating about climate change, claim young people

A group of young Londoners have called on the advertising industry to diversify in its attempts to educate about climate change. The news follows new research which found that women are more effective than men at tackling the issue.

The project is a collaboration between Do the Green Thing, a group designed to bring the creative industries together to tackle climate change, and employability programme Create Jobs.

As part of the initiative, around twenty 18-24 year olds will be tasked to find ways of ensuring greater diversity in the creative sectors. Participants include women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, deaf and disabled.

Do the Green Thing hopes to build on the recent success of its other initiatives, which it claims has inspired more than 45 million people to live more sustainably through films, posters and podcasts. Their recent exhibition Man-Made Disaster: Patriarchy & the planet responds to research which found that women perform better than men in many environmental behaviours.

Tommy Walters, Writer at Do the Green Thing, said:

Creativity is a way of making this research real for people. We want to inspire them, and especially future generations, to question society’s power structures and be part of creating a new vision for the world we want.

The research found that women litter less, recycle more and are more likely to buy an electric car. It also found that women are more likely to be concerned about the environment, and vote accordingly, and leave a smaller carbon footprint than men.

The research also looked at how men and women are incentivised to shop, with participants claiming that single-use plastic bags were more masculine than using a reusable canvas bag.

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Image by Amer Idris