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Scots educated about Penile Cancer

The Orchid Penile Cancer Awareness Roadshow educated nearly 500 people in Edinburgh last month.

The roadshow raises awareness of penile cancer, including the signs, symptoms and risk factors amongst men, their families and anyone interested or concerned about the condition.

Over 600 men are diagnosed with Penile Cancer in the UK every year. Sadly, incidence of penile cancer is on the rise with 25% more cases than the late 1970s. Penile cancer is typically slow growing, and if caught early, treatment success is high with around 70% of men surviving the disease. Unfortunately, the combined factors of a general lack of awareness, and men tending to ignore symptoms, often results in a subsequent delay in diagnosis.

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive, Orchid comments:

There is an urgent need to raise awareness of Penile Cancer in Edinburgh, we know that Scotland has one of the highest rates of Penile Cancer. This is important because recognising the warning signs and symptoms and getting an early diagnosis can make a real difference. We hope this event will help improve the understanding of penile cancer in the local community and provide vital knowledge that will help save lives.

Rob Cornes, Orchid Male Cancer Information Nurse Specialist said:

Getting an early diagnosis is vital – we know that men with the symptoms of penile cancer can feel embarrassed and often go into denial and are reluctant to seek help or support. It is crucial that men are familiar with the signs and symptoms and feel comfortable seeking professional advice if they have any concerns or worrying symptoms. We really hope that men in Edinburgh will take the opportunity to come to the Roadshow to meet the Orchid team.

Orchid is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to raising awareness of male cancers, providing support services and pioneering the latest in male cancer research.

Image credit: The Orchid Penile Cancer Awareness Roadshow in Edinburgh