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Gamers set to fight children’s cancer

CLIC Sargent has launched a new fundraising campaign, Player vs Cancer, so gamers in the UK and around the world can now raise vital funds for the charity.

Gamers of all abilities can raise funds through Player vs Cancer, whether streaming online through platforms such as Twitch, or playing at home with friends. All the funds will go to support CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people.

The fundraising drive is inspired by the rapid growth in online gaming and streaming and by many of the young people CLIC Sargent supports expressing that gaming is an important source of support too. Many have said that gaming can provide an escape from cancer treatment and it also helps them to stay connected with friends.

After his first year at Portsmouth University studying Game Technology, Connor noticed he had a sore throat. The pain grew worse, so he went to the doctor. Initially, doctors thought it was tonsillitis and prescribed antibiotics, but Connor continued to feel unwell. He was referred to Derriford Hospital, where sadly doctors diagnosed him with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

During, and after his treatment finished, Connor received support from CLIC Sargent but gaming also became a valuable source of support for him too. He joined a few gaming communities and took part in Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, making friends from around the world.

Connor says:

Meeting new people online was great because it gave me something to escape to. I wanted to feel normal. Everywhere else it was clear I was ill because I looked ill. The other gamers didn’t know anything about my cancer, and I didn’t have to talk or think about it.

I became a lot closer to my gaming friends when I got back to a normal life. Last year, I met them in person and eventually I told them about what I’d been through and they were wonderful about it.

My online friends now say they wish they’d known and wanted to help but them not knowing was actually a big help. They were supporting me without even knowing it.

The charity is working with online fundraising platform Tiltify so live streamers can easily raise funds whilst streaming.

Rachel Kirby-Rider, Director of Income and Engagement at CLIC Sargent, said:

Player vs Cancer is gaming for good, all the money raised will help us to continue supporting children and young people like Connor. It will also raise vital awareness, helping us to reach more young people who may not have heard of us before. We hope this inspires people around the world join the fight for young lives against cancer, by doing something they love – gaming.

For more information about Player vs Cancer or to get involved go to:

Image: CLIC Sargent

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