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Edinburgh coworking space starts local and goes global

The Melting Pot, an Edinburgh coworking space, has revealed the positive social impact of its work around the world.

Based in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland’s centre for social innovation, has helped improve the success rate for new social enterprises and community led organisations.

Since 2007, it has grown from a small space to a community of 180 social entrepreneurs that hosts events for 10,000+ people across two venues in Edinburgh. This has had a hugely positive impact on increasing equality, wellbeing and social impact.

In addition to providing coworking, The Melting Pot has helped 84 new social ventures start up through its Good Ideas programme, with around half still trading successfully. Over 100,000 individuals have benefitted from these social ventures in Edinburgh.

It is now working in Glasgow and the Highlands & Islands to support more organisations outside of Scotland’s capital.

More widely, The Melting Pot, through its Coworking Accelerator Programme, will now increase the impact of its work around the world.

It is expected that by the end of 2019, 118 social innovation co-working centres will be supported to some extent, with more than half outside of Scotland’s borders.

Claire Carpenter, Founder of The Melting Pot, told the Senscot Community Wealth Building Conference in Cumbernauld:

The Melting Pot was one of the first co-working spaces in the world and we provided a challenge to the real estate sector.

But those private sector co-working businesses that have cropped up in response to our opening lack a sense of community.

That‘s why now we are looking to work with co-working spaces around the world to increase their social impact and in the end make a positive difference to society.

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