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Charity puts call out for animal protectors

An animal rights charity has launched a volunteer recruitment drive to help raise awareness of animal cruelty in the UK.

The Humane League UK hopes the drive will help to build a community of activists across the country who are willing to take actions in their area to protect animals. The charity says the volunteers will play an essential role in helping to end the abuse of animals for food by focusing on companies which profit from this, and working with the public to help apply pressure to policy makers in the UK.

The volunteers will be given support by the charity to help plan events and socials for other volunteers, as well as be trained in modern campaigning and activism methods.

The Humane League UK is still a relatively new movement, having been founded just a few years ago in 2016. It has since then grown rapidly and has managed to secure some high-profile results, including a commitment from more than 90 British brands to eliminate the use of caged hens in their supply chain.

Katie Harrison, Regional Rep for Birmingham, said:

I feel more fulfilled and hopeful knowing that I am harnessing my passion for saving animals and using it to make a real difference for them.

Emma Goddard, The Humane League UK’s Volunteer Programs Lead, said:

We are so grateful to have such dedicated and passionate advocates fighting for animals by our side.

Volunteers will also get the opportunity to work on the charity’s Plant-Based Revolution project – a campaign designed to help raise awareness about vegan diets, including which restaurants offer vegan options.

The charity says the only criteria for becoming a volunteer is to live near to a town or city in the UK. To apply and to find out more information please visit

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