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Staying positive during the coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organisation has published information on how to protect mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, British charity Mind has published advice on how to stay positive, even if you have to self-isolate. The BBC has also offered advice as well.

But while the mainstream media, rightly, will focus on providing public information and official advice, we believe The Rooftop also has a role to play.

It is more important than ever that people have access to positive news stories.

Therefore, we will be continuing to publish positive news stories everyday and would urge charities, social enterprises and campaigners to get in touch with us with any positive news. You can do so by emailing

In addition, our Facebook page will be posting even more positive content. Four times a day we will post uplifting stories from our archive and also the best of positive news from around the internet.

Please spread the word about our home of positive news:

You can also suggest positive stories in our Facebook Group directly.

The whole team from The Rooftop and our funders Campaign Collective wishes our community all the best during the pandemic. Stay safe.