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New podcast launches to share inspiring stories of people power

A thought-provoking new podcast, More Than a Shop, has launched across the airwaves.

Presented by Rochdale-born BBC broadcaster and journalist, Elizabeth Alker, More Than a Shop shares inspiring stories about co-operative solutions to topical issues, stimulating debate on how to do business the ‘right way’. The series aims to help people understand that co-ops are so much more than just high street convenience stores.

Each episode lasts around 40 minutes and welcomes guests with something new and radical to say about the big issues of the day, from climate change to food, mental health and education. The chat is lively, energetic – sometimes controversial but always entertaining, in the spirit of the worldwide co-operative movement.

Co-operatives have great stories to tell. They rescue pubs and football clubs, provide a path out of precarious work and zero hours contracts and spark conversations about new ways of thinking, living and working. This series of podcasts is all about demonstrating how people power and co-operation can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society.

The series, which explores how co-ops are making a difference in communities all over the UK, is produced by Sparklab Productions in partnership with Manchester-based co-operative organisations.

Leila O’Sullivan from Co-operatives UK, who helped coordinate the project, said:

Podcasting is huge. The challenge was to create engaging and entertaining podcasts that stand out, highlighting how co-ops proudly offer radical alternatives to mainstream ways of getting things done.

Mel Harris from Sparklab Productions added:

We worked together with the five co-op organisations to develop our themes.  From there we drew up a list of fascinating guests. The eight topics for the first series are broad, but relevant across society as a whole covering education, music, climate change, food, end of life, mental health, the future of the high street and worker ownership. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and indeed enlightening experience.  We really hope we have made something that gets people listening and then talking!

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