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Charity launches selfie challenge to keep donations going during pandemic

Kidney Research UK has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of continuing to donate to charities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The British charity has been asking its supporters to post a selfie with their favourite mugs, donating the cost of their regular coffee or alcoholic drink to continue funding research into kidney disease. In response to the call-to-action, kidney patients, researchers and staff have been digging out their most colourful or funniest mugs and posting on social media.

The campaign follows the news that charities in the UK are likely to lose more than £4bn due to the impact of the coronavirus, following the closure of shops and fundraising events and other activities. The government has since said it is looking at ways to support charities during this time, with an announcement expected soon.

Mae Smith, a kidney patient and Community and Events Fundraiser at the charity, said:

It is so amazing to see all staff and supporters getting involved in the campaign so passionately to keep research going.

The research funded by the charity provides hope to a lot of kidney patients, like me, who are uncertain about their future with the disease. The #mugshot campaign shines a light on the commitment of both the charity and its supporters, to keep this incredible research going and, ultimately, keep that hope alive for kidney patients. We would love to see lots more people involved.

Kidney Research UK has also pointed out that kidney patients are likely to face additional challenges during this time, as they are at higher risk of contracting the virus.

The charity is asking the public to upload their selfie to social media using the hashtags #mugshot and #keepresearchgoing along with a link to donate:

Below is a list of their social media handles when tagging them on each social media platform:

Twitter: @Kidney_Research

Instagram: kidney_research_uk

Facebook: @kidneyresearchuk

LinkedIn: @KidneyResearchUK


Photo by Kidney Research UK

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