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Online singing lessons launched to support wellbeing

A new online singing community has been launched to support people’s health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’.

The group is known as ‘Superchoir’ and is inviting people to join the online singing lessons every Thursday evening from 6pm-7pm.

The power of music in supporting wellbeing has been on display a number of times during the past month, with impromptu performances from balconies breaking out all over the world.

The initiative was set up by Inspire Me, a personal development organisation which specialises in employee engagement and workplace happiness and wellbeing. Superchoir was originally launched in Wales in 2010, but has since gone online like so many other businesses.

Organisers have said that singing is proven to support our health and happiness, by reducing stress levels, improving social wellbeing, and increasing energy levels.

Andrea Callanan Founder of Inspire Me, said:

Singing has been proven to be effective in pain relief and stress relief as it reduces the stress hormone cortisol and boosts the Immunoglobulin an antibody. So now is the perfect time for us to join together and hit those notes.

And for those of you that think you can’t sing, don’t worry. This isn’t about ability, it’s about building confidence, having fun and feeling amazing. So don’t let that stop you. Join our tribe of amazing humans.

A number of other similar schemes have launched recently too, such as ‘Our Song’ by Shared Harmonies, a social enterprise in Yorkshire.

Emma Baylin, director of Shared Harmonies, said:

We know from the workshops we run with vulnerable members of the community that singing can help improve your mood, evokes feelings of happiness and help you connect with others, so we decided to create ‘Our Song’ to get the community involved and lift spirits.

The schemes come off the back of increasing concerns for people’s mental wellbeing following strong social distancing and self-isolation methods introduced by governments across the world. Many people have been left feeling anxious about their health, uncertain about the future, and feeling isolated from society.

Superchoir meets once a week and is offering a trial for two weeks for £1 – thereafter costing £12 per month. For more information visit the website ( or Facebook page (


Photo by Inspire Me

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