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Charity goes online to offer virtual support during pandemic

While many organisations across the UK are delaying growth plans in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, one registered charity is instead expanding its service provision to reach out and support more vulnerable people during this challenging time.

Young person’s charity Transitions UK has announced the upcoming launch of a new project that aims to provide virtual support to disadvantaged groups.

The move will see Transitions UK begin to move from a regional service provider to a nationwide charity supporting those with learning disabilities and special needs, those with mental health problems, care leavers, and those at risk of offending or criminal exploitation.

Ron Overton, Chief Executive of Transitions UK said:

Transitions UK launched because it was clear to see that youth needs were not only failing to be met, but also failing to be addressed or even identified. At times such as this, when everything is changing rapidly, we run the risk of having the exact same thing happen; there’s a risk that, amongst the chaos, the voice of the lostgeneration will sadly fail to be heard.

We believe that there’s never been a more important time than right now to expand our charity with the provision of virtual online support, alongside our hands-on projects for the vulnerable groups we support.

This will enable us to adapt our approach to meet the needs of today’s society under the ‘new normal’. Our aim is to create a positive, inclusive virtual space for as many young people within those vulnerable groups as possible.

The launch of the new virtual support programme comes at a time when the wellbeing of younger generations is a prime concern.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked new rules and regulations to protect the physical health of the country’s at-risk communities; we believe that not enough has been done to address the potentially long lasting effects on at risk young people whose lives have been turned upside down through school closures, community hub closures, support group closures, exam fiascos, and a need for social distancing.


A Young Minds study of more than 2000 young people in the UK found that 80% felt more worried and anxious during lockdown, 87% felt lonely and isolated, and 31% weren’t able to access the vital support that they needed, highlighting just how important virtual support really is in today’s society.

The new Virtual Development Project by Transitions UK will be officially launched on Monday 7th September at 3pm by Milton Keynes Mayor Andrew Geary. A special introduction will be made by Thrive’s Wellbeing Director, Simon Nichols.

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Image: Transitions UK

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