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Charity vegan awareness campaign kicks off

A global campaign is taking place this month celebrating veganism, raising awareness of the benefits of a vegan diet.

World Vegan Month first took place in 1990 as a time to celebrate the vegan community and the moves towards veganism becoming mainstream.

The campaign is being championed by a number of charities, including Animal Aid, The Vegan Society, and Veganuary.

The campaign first began as a day long celebration organised by the Vegan Society in the 1990s, with Animal Aid deciding to extend it for a full month around 10 years ago.

The pandemic has seen more and more people turning vegan, with market research company Mintel showing that a plant-based diet is becoming more attractive to Brits. According to the research, young people are switching more than anyone else, with 25% of British Millennials saying that the pandemic has made a vegan diet more appealing.

Earlier this year, a group of vegan doctors claimed that cutting back on meat would help avoid a future pandemic. Plant Based Health Professionals point to the fact that the vast majority of infectious diseases in the 21st century have been caused by tampering with farmed animals and their habitats, such as Swine Flu (pigs) and Avian Flu (birds).

Photo by Zyanya BMO on Unsplash