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The Rooftop joins IMPRESS

The Rooftop has taken another step forward in its long term development by signing up to press-regulator IMPRESS.

The move will see an improved corrections and complaints procedure introduced with readers’ being able to have the confidence that any inaccuracies or concerns will be backed up by an independent process.

The Rooftop operates a fact check policy on articles published and aims to correct straightforward errors as soon as possible. This will usually be within 24 hours of receiving a notification.

Readers with concerns can email editor [at] the rooftop [dot] news with “REQUEST FOR CORRECTION” in the subject line. The email should clearly state the article, nature of error and proposed correction as set out in the terms and conditions of the site.

If the correction is declined, the complaints policy will be followed which has been approved by regulatory body IMPRESS.

IMPRESS helps to build understanding and trust between journalists and the public – and provides the public with trusted sources of news. It is a regulator designed for the future of media, building on the core principles of the past, protecting journalism, while innovating to deal with the challenges of a digital age.

It maintains a progressive Standards Code, and assess any breaches of this code by our members and provides an arbitration scheme which is free to all parties and protects publishers against the risk of court costs and exemplary damages.

The Rooftop News recently moved from being a project run by social enterprise Campaign Collective into an independent Community Interest Company registered in Scotland.

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