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Start-up aims to shake up SEND

A new start-up is set to revolutionise the fairness, transparency, speed and accuracy of special educational needs and disability provision across the country.

Currently, thousands of young people across the country struggle as local councils have no – or outdated – systems to assess their needs and ensure they have a suitable education and health and care plan (EHCP).

Many young people end up in tribunals to force local authorities to give them the education they need. Almost all (92%) disputed EHCPs ended up with the council providing compensation, estimated to have cost taxpayers £40 million in 2019.

Start-up founder, André Skepple, was diagnosed with severe dyspraxia and partial dyslexia during university and has overcome the educational, personal, and professional challenges that accompany conditions such as these.

Inspired by this, Skepple established FullSpektrum, an Essex-based technology company, to ensure that local authorities can better assess the needs of young people and cater to the ‘full-spectrum’ of education, health and care services and alternative provisions that might be needed.

Skepple told The Rooftop News: 

My own educational and neurodevelopmental challenges motivated me to explore concepts of neuropsychology, pedagogy, adaptive and individualised learning sciences.  

I had to work three-times harder than my peers to overcome the educational, personal, and professional challenges that accompany my conditions so I know how young people and families with special education needs and disabilities feel.

I’m fully committed to utilising science and technology to improve the lives of neurodivergent children, young people, and adults with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities.”

Full Spektrum is currently in the process of securing contracts with leading local authorities and funding from other organisations to kickstart the process of helping young people and their families.

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