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Unite Community publishes benefits guide to help people losing jobs

Unite Community has published a handy guide to help thousands of workers across the UK maximise their income following redundancy.

Complex information has been collated from a variety of reliable sources including charity and government websites and distilled into a readable guide to help members navigate their way through the benefits maze.

The guide is divided into sections designed to help people to maximise their income, reduce their outgoings and prioritise their debts. It contains a special section on support for families with children and young people at home including information on help with meals, transport and school uniform.

According to £16 billion in benefits are left unclaimed each year, meaning that people may be missing out on vital support when they are most in need.

Unite Community have set out to tackle this problem with their guide and highlight additional services that may be available to people in their local areas including re-use networks, toy and tool libraries and the PDSA who can help people on benefits to care for their pets.

Steve Turner Assistant General Secretary said:

Even where our members have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, unemployment may have hit their family and friends.  That’s why Unite has produced this incredibly useful guide that explains what benefits are available, how to claim and where to get advice and support. It also offers advice on how to minimise outgoings and manage debt.

Unite Community are encouraging their members to keep campaigning to make the £20 increase to Universal Credit permanent. The benefit has been a lifeline for many since it was introduced last April 2020. Unite say that for many, this has been the difference between heating homes and putting food on the table or going without.

Steve added:

Unite Community members have been campaigning hard. Two thirds of Universal Credit claimants are actually in work on low pay. The Government intends to cut the £20 increase in September unless we can stop them. Families that are just about surviving now will be plunged into poverty relying on food banks and charity.

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