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Volunteers leg it for Highland charity

An Inverness mental health charity has benefited from the help of local volunteers who were sponsored to walk, run, or skip in order to raise funds for the organisation.

Over 200 participants took part in Miles for Mikeysline, a fundraising campaign which asked volunteers to pledge a distance which they would cover over the course of one month and donate all that they raised to the charity.

The popular Inverness Half Marathon which usually occurs in Spring of each year often attracts volunteers who choose to run in support of Mikeysline, providing a funding boost. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 marathon was cancelled. Miles for Mikeysline was developed by the charity’s fundraising team as an alternative way of raising money whilst inspiring volunteers to get outside and exercise in their own time.

In total, Miles for Mikeysline participants covered 22,638 miles and raised over £17,000 during the course of the campaign.

Mikeysline is a charity set up in 2015 and based in the Highlands, offering different forms of in-person and virtual confidential support for people struggling with their mental health, including a drop-in centre ‘The Hive’ in Inverness, and online chat spaces. In addition, they have recently set up a specialised service for young people of secondary school age.

Emily Stokes, service manager for Mikeysline said:

Exercise and connecting with nature have long been known to have a positive influence on our mental health and wellbeing, so we were so delighted to see so many people taking up the Miles for Mikeysline challenge. 

As a charity we rely heavily on the donations and support of individuals and businesses across the Highlands to provide our services, so all the money raised will provide a welcome boost to our fundraising totals.

The money raised in the campaign will enable Mikeysline to continue to operate their drop-in centre and further expand their services across the Highland area.