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Plans for future generations bill reaches milestone

Peers and MPs have joined forces and urged the Government to back a new Bill, which pushes for long-term policy making.

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill, if passed into law, would assist the Government in preventing problems, including the climate crisis, poverty & pandemics from happening, and not just deal in emergencies.

The Bill comes after research revealed that over two thirds of the public (69%) want the Government to do more to plan and prepare for long term threats.

The ‘Facing Our Future’ report also revealed that the public want to see considerable reform to the political system to ensure that Covid is a ‘lesson to learn and adapt from’ and that we ‘work for a better future for our children and grandchildren’, with nearly two thirds (62%) calling for greater accountability of ministers.

The Bill, which has a significant chance of success this year, as it was drawn first out of the ballot box of potential private members bills in the House of Lords, is gaining pace. It recently passed its second reading in the Lords and will be supported by MPs from at least across the political spectrum in the House of Commons.

The Bill seeks to embed long-termism, prevention, and the interests of future generations at the heart of UK policy-making. It will require the Government to work to prevent problems from happening and give current and future generations a voice in decision-making and protect them from global threats.

Lastly, it will deliver a new, sustainable vision for the nation, as we seek to recover from the Covid crisis, that prioritises our environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

Lord John Bird, founder of the The Big Issue, said:

We now have hard evidence that the public are crying out for there to be long-term thinking embedded in UK policy making. Our Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill will put an end to short-term policies, which only serve to bite us back later.

The pandemic has shown us all that we need to plan ahead properly. Get in touch with your MP to invite them to our report launch, if you’re interested in creating a future worth fighting for.”

Simon Fell MP, said

The research out today really highlights the importance of putting long-termism at the heart of UK politics.

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