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The Rooftop News Podcast: Interview with Simon Francis

The Rooftop News Podcast has today published its fourth episode, an interview with The Rooftop’s own Simon Francis.

Every episode of The Rooftop News Podcast is centred around an in-depth interview with an influential person who has a positive and inspiring story to tell. This week, Ian Morton and Delia Antoine Burdett interview a guest much closer to home, The Rooftop’s editor and founder of Campaign Collective, Simon Francis.

Simon came on to the podcast to discuss how and why The Rooftop was founded, as well as the public need for more positive news stories during the last year, and the importance of independent media.

In previous episodes, we have welcomed Ademola Adeyeba, the founder of organisation 1000 Black Boys, as well as Shalhavit Simcha-Cohen, the creator of PosiFest.

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