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Grant set to help poor African farmers cope with pandemic

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will provide the Republic of Guinea with a grant to improve the resilience of more than 2,000 poor farming households trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, by ensuring rapid access to supplies, information, trading markets and cash.

Guinea is among the poorest countries in Africa with low levels of agricultural productivity and employment with poor rural infrastructure are all factors. While Guinea has significant undeveloped agricultural potential, just 25 per cent of potential arable land is being cultivated.

The Fund will provide beneficiaries with basic agricultural equipment for food production and processing, technical assistance and training for increased productivity. The target beneficiaries will also receive production kits consisting of seeds (rice, maize and vegetables), fertilisers and plant protection products.

Haoua Sienta, IFAD Country Director for Guinea, commented:

This grant to Guinea demonstrates IFAD’s commitment to support the Guinean government in addressing the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on Guinean populations, particularly those living in the most remote and vulnerable communities.

The project will establish a mechanism to promote access to financial resources for youth and women in rural Guinea – who are among the most disadvantaged. This will promote rural entrepreneurship to include youth and women in the development of their communities, and attract unemployed young graduates and returning migrants into agriculture.

Image: IFAD/Barbara Gravelli

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