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Virtual lap of the planet raises £70,000

Participants in The Astrid Challenge have completed a virtual lap of the world to raise vital funds for people with long-term health conditions seeking work.

People were invited to walk, run, swim, cycle, rollerblade or dance to help UK-based Charity Astriid cover a virtual circumnavigation of the globe. 

The initial goal of 40,200km, was exceeded thanks to the activities of 587 people. An impressive distance of 60,284km was travelled throughout the month of July, raising over £70,000.

The monies raised will fund Astriid’s work matching its candidates, known as ‘The Invisible Talent Pool’, to meaningful employment they may have otherwise been turned away from, due to long-term health conditions.

Chronically ill and disabled people comprise 1 in 4 of the UK workforce, yet frequently face discrimination when it comes to career opportunities.

Steve Shutts, Astriid CEO said,

We are absolutely delighted with the results of the Astrid Challenge. It’s a remarkable achievement to complete a lap around the planet and raise so much.

As the Challenge took place, businesses from across the country have been creating opportunities for flexible, remote, and part-time roles that all represent perfect assignments and projects for our candidate pool.

Astriid was founded by David Shutts, OBE in 2015 after receiving a terminal stage four renal cancer diagnosis.

When given the diagnosis, David was left feeling ‘on the scrap heap’ and ignored when it came to finding employment, despite previously being a Royal Navy Commander and a senior director of various UK businesses throughout his career.

After realising he was not alone in this situation, he started Astriid with the mission to connect people with long-term health conditions to meaningful work that provides routine, a sense of normality, reward and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash