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Global fundraising campaign launches to support students from Afghanistan

A new fundraising campaign has been launched which could see up to 20 young people from Afghanistan given a scholarship to study at one of 18 schools from around the world.

The campaign has been launched by United World Colleges in light of the events in Afghanistan, which last month saw the Taliban take back control of the country. Since then, several commentators have warned of the impact this could have on education opportunities for Afghan youth, in particular girls and young women.

Since the Taliban took back control of the capital Kabul, former and current UWC students have been working hard to support the evacuation of former students and their family.

One such story is that of Haseen Fatima Amini who was given safe passage out of Afghanistan thanks to the heroic efforts of her former classmates, who she met at one of UWC’s schools in Bosnia and Herzogovenia. Amini and her family are now thankfully seeking refuge in Spain.

The education movement UWC has 18 schools around the world and is home to 4,500 students from 155 countries. More than 75% of all students receive partial or full scholarships, and around 5% of all students come from a refugee, displaced or persecuted background.

According to the UWC Afghanistan National Committee, last year alone they received 355 applications from refugee camps in Afghanistan. The UWC movement also made the headlines late last year when it received $1.6m from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to fund a new refugee initiative.

A statement from UWC read:

In this moment of darkness, we are beyond grateful to be part of a community that shows up and has sought ways to support the Afghan community. Current events in Afghanistan now urge us to do more. And we will do that the best way we know how: through our education system and our resources.

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