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Children Make Top Tips Video about Settling into Secondary School

Transition to secondary school can be an anxious time for children and parents so children’s charity Safety Net helped young people to make a video of tips and advice for their peers.

The film, called ‘Heading to Secondary School’ was made by students who took part in Safety Net’s Summer Transition Project in partnership with the Schools Wellbeing Service at two secondary schools over the summer holidays.

During the project, the children built self- confidence, made new friendships and learnt new coping strategies. The film project enabled them to share advice with their peers, based on their own experiences and what they had learnt. They were able to get involved with filming and directing scenes, as well as having the opportunity to share their thoughts both on and off camera – with the support from one of their young volunteers.

Jen Tulloch, Operations Manager at Safety Net said:

We were really impressed with their film! Peer to peer advice is a key part of Safety Net’s work – children always tell us how helpful it is to hear about other children’s experiences. We are proud to use children’s voices to inform all of our interventions with children.

Safety Net also runs transition sessions to year 6 classes to help them explore their anxieties and concerns about the changes they are about to face, such as increased independence in travelling to school, getting lost, peer pressure, being bullied, and harder work

Film: Safety Net

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash