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Love Not Landfill charity fashion pop-up

Eco-fashion campaign Love Not Landfill returns for a third year with a pre-loved fashion pop-up in November, featuring collections from charity shops curated by some of fashion’s most style-savvy influencers.

As well as providing sustainable fashion, the store will celebrate gender-neutral ‘clothes for everyone’, and will be a space to find out more about eco-fashion and the climate emergency with noticeboards, knowledgeable staff, and a workshop about making your clothes last longer.

Clothing production is the third biggest manufacturing industry after the automotive and technology industries. Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined (House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, 2019). UK landfill sites are dumped with roughly 350,000 tonnes of clothing, worth £140m, every year (WRAP). Yet fast fashion continued to boom online during the pandemic.

Olivia Shaw from the Love Not Landfill campaign explains:

Don’t be fooled, the most sustainable clothes are the pieces you or someone else already own. The ‘buy it, wear it, throw it away’ fashion model is going out of fashion: rewear what you’ve got, donate or swap fashion and keep pieces in circulation. The trend of fast fashion brands “doing sustainability” with baby steps like recycling and conscious collections isn’t always as transparent as it needs to be, and very few fast fashion retailers are making changes fast and deep enough to have a meaningful impact. This is why we champion second-hand shopping.

Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues said:

Clothing and textile production is both resource-intensive and a major contributor to global carbon emissions. The Mayor has set the ambitious target of making London net-zero carbon by 2030, which requires transitioning to a low-carbon circular economy. This means extracting as much value as possible from resources, through their use and reuse, before they become waste.

It’s great to see another fantastic Love Not Landfill event taking place in London during COP26. Not only will this help engage Londoners in the climate emergency and the environmental cost of fast fashion, but also highlight how to make clothes last longer and of course, how to grab a stylish bargain!

The Love Not Landfill pop-up shop is open from Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 November at the Angel Central Shopping Centre (1st Floor), 21 Parkfield Street, London, N1 0PS.