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Walking home for Christmas campaign supports poor mental health

The Walking Home For Christmas campaign aims to ensure nobody is left behind from lockdown, focusing on the mental health epidemic that has engulfed the country during the pandemic.

Walking With The Wounded’s ‘Walking Home For Christmas’ campaign, is raising money to support veterans. According to new research, Brits are still suffering an impact on their mental health caused by lockdowns enforced during the pandemic. 4 in 5 of those surveyed said that they still suffer from the effects on their mental health.

The mental health impact caused by the pandemic is ongoing. Over a third (36%) suffered from increased anxiety; 32% felt isolated and alone, with an equal amount suffering from loneliness. Worryingly, months after the lifting of lockdown, 4 in 5 said their mental health had not improved.

Carolyn Brown, Clinical Lead at Walking With The Wounded, comments:

Lockdowns have a massive impact on our very way of life, so it is not surprising that many suffered from poor mental health during this period or that it is still openly talked about across society. But what is concerning is the vast number of people who are still suffering, many months later. It is essential to talk, open up, and address the issues if we are to improve our mental health.

Walking Home For Christmas is an annual fundraising campaign for Walking With The Wounded, a charity that provides mental health, employment, care coordination and volunteering opportunities for vulnerable veterans. The campaign encourages anyone from any walk of life to register and fundraise by undertaking a walk to support veterans that need it. Walkers from previous years have dedicated their walks to loved ones who have been in or have fallen serving our country, have dressed in fancy dress, run errands for or supported their local community.

To read more about previous walkers’ stories and register to do a walk between 10-20 December this year, visit