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Poignant anti-trafficking film released for charity appeal

An award-winning agency has created an animated short film as part of an anti-trafficking charity’s Christmas appeal.

Hope for Justice is an international not-for-profit organisation which aims to end human trafficking and modern slavery. The animation agency, Flow, was approached by the charity and asked to create a short film that was emotive but gave a sense of hope for victims of trafficking.

The film tells the story of Emily, who is a survivor of human trafficking. It shows how traffickers lure victims with false promises and then entrap and enslave them, taking away their freedoms.

There are 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. This includes forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced marriage. 1 in 4 victims are children. Victims of human trafficking are subjected to physical, emotional, and mental abuse from their traffickers. This experience has incredibly damaging effects on victims, and the recovery process once they are freed can be life-long. Hope for Justice supports victims of human trafficking to restore their lives and recover from the abuse.

Karl Doran of Flow commented:

Hope for Justice helps people all over the world in the most awful of circumstances, it was a privilege to be able to help them with their appeal. The film needed to be emotive, and show the brutal reality of human-trafficking and modern slavery, but we wanted to retain a sense of hope too, showing the bravery and resilience of the survivors.

We work with lots of charities at Flow, it’s great to be able to use our storytelling and animation skills to help organisations that are making a positive difference in the world, and Hope for Justice are certainly doing that.

Jaimie Crowther of Hope for Justice added:

Flow was a dream to work with. They understood what we were trying to do immediately and helped to develop a concept that would work for our international audience. They were so supportive throughout the entire process and we love the final film. The balance of emotion, resilience and hope fits the subject matter perfectly and shows how we can help.

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