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Adoption charity receives £100k boost

A UK charity which supports young people who have been adopted has received a £100,000 donation.

Adoption UK is a charity which supports and advocates for those involved in adoption. Barclays have donated £100,000 to the charity to part-fund their new Chance to Thrive programme, which will allow adopted young people to share their experiences and make connections with others in the adoption community. The programme will be led by adopted young people, who will be supported by a team of youth workers.

Earlier this year Adoption UK published a report which found that two-thirds of adopted young people aged 16+ have sought mental health support. Yet many say they have found it difficult to access the help they need.

Chance to Thrive aims to help adopted young people struggling with their mental health through special engagement activities, allowing them to shape their own support services. The charity hopes to establish a national youth service within the next three years.

Adoption UK’s CEO Sue Brown commented:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to receive this incredibly generous donation for our Chance to Thrive programme which will help adopted young people create a positive future which is not determined by their past. Three quarters of the children adopted have been removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect. All young people need to feel understood and to build trusting relations with others. Early trauma can disrupt mental health, ability to trust and affect future life chances. This is why we urgently need to work with adopted young people to create services which provide not only a sense of connection, safety and support, but opportunities to be heard and seen.”

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