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Burn patient to run half-marathon in aid of hospital burns unit

A man who was treated for severe burns at Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Burns Unit in Birmingham is set to run the city’s half-marathon in May in aid of the unit.

Laurence Kelly was left needing urgent treatment after an accident involving a blender exploding on his face whilst he was making soup. He was transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Burns Unit, where he says the expertise and quick reactions of the staff ensured his full recovery. Laurence expressed his full gratitude to the unit and to everyone who took care of him while he was there. He and his fiancee Caitlin were also given psychological support during Laurence’s recovery.

Now, Laurence and Caitlin have decided to show their gratitude to the burns unit by running the Birmingham half-marathon in May in its name. Laurence had previously enjoyed running as a hobby, but this is a completely new challenge for Caitlin.

The amount that they raise will entirely go towards the QEH Burns Unit, which will benefit both staff and patients.

Laurence commented:

“The Burns Unit is a department very close to my heart, and even closer to my face! Were it not for their amazing work, I know the outcome could and likely would have been very different, following my accident.”

Show your support and donate to Laurence and Caitlin’s fundraiser.