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Supporting migrants and refugees: The Rooftop Podcast Ep. 8, with Jose Galindez and Gerardo Arriaga-García

The Rooftop has this week published a new episode of The Rooftop News Podcast, featuring an interview with Jose Galindez and Gerardo Arriaga-García, the co-founders of The Place of the Nations.

The Place of the Nations is a Community Interest Company which was founded by a group of migrants and refugees in Birmingham. They wanted to support fellow migrants and help them assimilate into UK society, providing training, workshops, and advice. The CIC runs free English classes, and also offers practical help such as interpreting in appointments or phone calls.

Jose and Gerardo spoke to our host Ian Morton about why they founded the CIC, and the struggles and successes they have experienced in their mission to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in their community.

Listen to the new episode here.