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Father climbs Snowdon with son on his back to raise money for muscle-wasting charity

Last weekend, Tim Morris climbed the tallest mountain in Wales while carrying his eight-year-old son Ruairi, using a specialty child carrier backpack.

Ruairi isn’t able to climb Snowdon himself due to the nature of his progressive muscle-wasting condition, so Tim put in double the effort to reach the peak.

The climb was the biggest challenge the Shropshire-based father-and-son duo have completed to date, having done bike rides and local hill walks together in the past. This time they faced a forecast for gusty winds and temperatures on the summit close to freezing.

“It was more challenging and took longer than I had anticipated. Luckily, the weather held and the views were spectacular and that spurred us on. We had some friends of Ruairi’s that walked with us who were also raising funds for MDUK and who gave great support and inspiration,” said Tim.

“It was a privilege to spend this time with Ruairi and to reach the summit together, something that will be impossible as he gets bigger. The smile on his face at the summit said it all, I am so proud of him.”

Tim was inspired to take on the challenge to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK, the charity that supports people with muscle-wasting conditions and invests in leading scientific research into effective treatments, and ultimately a cure.

Ruairi was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when he was just three years old. Duchenne is a rare genetic progressive disease that causes muscles to become weaker over time, including the heart and the muscles used to breathe. Around 100 boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are born in the UK each year and there is currently no cure.

Julia Smith, Senior Regional Development Manager at Muscular Dystrophy UK, said:

“We are incredibly grateful for everything the Morris family has done for Muscular Dystrophy UK over the years. Climbing Snowdon is no mean feat, and we want to congratulate Tim and Ruari on their amazing achievement. Their generous donation will continue to fund our vital research for effective treatments and cures for Duchenne and all muscle-wasting conditions, bringing the day no one is limited by muscle-wasting conditions ever closer.”

Image credit: Muscular Dystrophy UK