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Highland charity marks Children’s Mental Health Week

A mental health charity in the north of Scotland has marked Children’s Mental Health Week (Feb 6th – 12th) by celebrating a year of collaboration with local primary schools.

Mikeysline is reflecting on a year of building stronger connections with local primary schools and youth groups, and improving mental health services in 21 primary schools across the Highlands, in addition to its existing work with local secondary schools.

Staff and volunteers from the charity have also worked with schools to develop resources to be used in the classroom and the wider school community, including on topics like social anxiety, emotions, self-esteem and coping strategies. In addition, the charity has seen great success in the recruitment of 19 youth champions from Primary 7.

Mikeysline’s work with primary schools follows on from its existing partnerships with 32 secondary schools across the Highlands and Moray, with four additional secondary schools linking up with the charity in the last few months for weekly one-to-one support sessions for pupils. Through these partnerships, Mikeysline is able to provide support on a weekly basis, working with student councils, staff and individual pupils, as well as supporting 94 secondary youth champions across its network.

Emily Stokes, CEO of Mikeysline, said:

“One in six children aged 5-16 years struggles with their mental health, but unfortunately 75% of these young people won’t receive the help they need. That’s why it’s incredibly important to Mikeysline that we give young people in our communities the support they need from an early age.

“Over the past year, in our work with primary schools, we’ve spoken with 1,920 pupils, 168 staff and 154 parents through workshops, 1:1 meetings, training sessions and interactive activities – each promoting positive messages about managing emotions and mental health.”

If your school is not yet working with Mikeysline and would like further information on its youth services, please contact the team at