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Volunteers to help recently bereaved Scots

As most Scots feel the full force of the cold weather and cost of living crisis, a charity is making a pledge to support even more bereaved Scots facing funeral poverty in 2023 – and they’re calling on the public to help them achieve their goal.

Caledonia Funeral Aid was set up to provide free practical and emotional support to bereaved Scots or those thinking about end-of-life planning, with a particular focus on those worried about how they are going to afford to pay for a funeral. With many people having to choose between heating and eating at the moment, a bereavement could cause extra financial worry on top of the pain of a loss.

Caledonia Funeral Aid operate a helpline, which provides free, impartial advice on organising a funeral, paying for a funeral and how to cope. They are currently recruiting for new volunteers who will receive full training and will staff events and workshops, as well as man the advice line.

John Halliday of Caledonia Funeral Aid commented:

“We are looking for sympathetic and organised people who are passionate about helping others. As we work Scotland-wide, location is flexible, but we are focusing on Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fife in terms of delivering events and workshops.

“It may sound like a difficult role, but it is truly a rewarding one, as you are helping someone as they navigate one of the most difficult periods of their life. People who we speak with are always so grateful to have us guiding them through.”

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to give the team a call on 03000 113 301