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Leukaemia Care takes campaign to the doors of Downing Street

Leukaemia Care launched its #LeukaemiaLevy campaign this month, urging the UK governments and energy companies for better financial support for people with leukaemia.

On Tuesday 13th March, Leukaemia Care took its campaign to the doors of decision-makers, hand-delivering a letter to the Prime Minister at Downing Street asking for more support for leukaemia patients. In Scotland, they sent a letter to the First Minister and met with Members of the Scottish Parliament outside Holyrood. 

The increasing energy bills and food costs, with the added outgoing cost of travel to hospital, are significant concerns for people with the disease. Since launching #LeukaemiaLevy, Leukaemia Care joined Martin Lewis and MoneySavingExpert’s campaign calling for the energy price guarantee to extend beyond April 2023. Leukaemia Care is pleased to say that the Chancellor has since agreed to extend the energy price guarantee until the end of June, which was announced as a part of the Spring budget. 

Leukaemia Care’s CEO, Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, said:

“Many leukaemia patients are facing financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis, hardship which has been exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis. As the UK’s leading leukaemia charity, we are now taking our #LeukaemiaLevy campaign to Downing Street. We urge the Government to take action to provide greater support for patients and their families. This cannot wait, the economic situation in the UK may improve, but without further support from the Government those affected by a leukaemia diagnosis will continue to be impacted by financial challenges long after the cost of living crisis ends.”

Leukaemia Care’s campaign is just the beginning and the charity will continue advocating for leukaemia patients and their families beyond the cost of living crisis.

You can sign Leukaemia Care’s petition to improve financial support for leukaemia patients and the wider cancer community here:

For more information about the campaign or to get involved, please email: