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55,000 volunteers from multiple faiths pledge to tackle loneliness, hunger and pollution

More than 55,000 volunteers have pledged their support to ‘repair the world’, in a day of ‘social action’ this November.

Mitzvah Day, which takes on Sunday 19th November 2023, will focus on three major societal challenges facing humanity: loneliness; hunger; and the planet.

Activities include offering connection to people who are lonely through visits, calls and card-making, as well as collecting, cooking and sharing food to feed people who are hungry and vulnerable. The day will also see action to repair damage inflicted on our planet through planting and cleaning.

The details of Mitzvah Day 2023 were revealed at a launch event in Brighton, attended by community leaders and leaders from multiple faiths. Guests included Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman – who will soon make history by becoming Brighton & Hove’s first Muslim Deputy Mayor, and the Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman.

Mitzvah Day Founder and Chair Laura Marks CBE told those gathered: “Tikkun olam, the Jewish value to repair the world, is integral to all faiths and belief systems,

“That is why this year we aim to give our time, collectively, to address the human inflicted damage both on vulnerable people and on our precious fragile environment.”

The campaign is supported by Brighton charity BHT Sussex, which aims to empower people to overcome homelessness, poverty, addiction and mental ill health.

Guy Hayes, Operational Manager of First Base, a centre for people experiencing homeless run by BHT Sussex, said: “Thank you so much to Mitzvah Day and everyone here tonight for your wonderful donations for homeless people – they give us all hope that, together, we can make the world a better place.”

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Photo credit: Sophie Sheinwald