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Most in-demand office perks of 2023 revealed

As companies call workers back to the office, a new study reveals the true office perks desired by workers – with food and drink earning top billing.

According to office search agency, Sketch Labs, searches for ‘office perks’ have been consistently higher in 2023 compared to the previous three years. From September 2022 to September 2023, searches increased by 87.5% while August and September witnessed a 200% rise. Sketch Labs suggests this significant increase may have been driven by a number of big companies including Zoom asking employees to return to the office this summer.

In terms of the office perks workers actually want in 2023, the study shows that office food, a bar and a cinema will have employees wanting to spend more time in the office. Surprisingly, there has been less demand for dog-friendly offices, with interest in office swimming pools and doctors landing higher up the list.

The most in-demand office perks for 2023:

  1. Office food
  2. An office bar
  3. An office cinema
  4. An office gym
  5. Office plants
  6. An office doctor
  7. An office nursery
  8. Office Yoga
  9. An office swimming pool
  10. A dog-friendly office

Mark Knops, CEO of Sketch Labs said:

“Companies are coming up with unusual requests to try and entice workers to want to spend longer in the office. Some of the most unusual office requests include jacuzzis, game rooms, treadmill desks, swimming pools, cinema rooms and even bullet-proof glass. We’ve also seen a rise in more people looking for more inviting environments with items like living plant walls.”

Image: Pexels, Canva Studio