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The private sector steps up

Many companies emerged from the global crisis a decade ago with their reputations in tatters. But if private firms maintain the foresight, adaptability, and compassion that many have shown in recent weeks, they will emerge from this crisis having established their true value to the economies and communities they serve.

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Unleashing the economic potential of women

Governments increasingly recognise that economies can reach their full potential only with the full participation of both women and men. DAVID MALPASS explains how countries can start to achieve this goal. What do you think? Comment on this story at Project-Syndicate.org. Girls are attending school in greater numbers than ever before, and women are increasingly entering the […]

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How to Improve on a Good Year for Global Health

The discovery of new viruses, vaccines, and treatments in 2019 was the result of investments in global surveillance, cross-sector partnerships, and scientific advances. At a time when misinformation is calling into question the validity of facts, MELVIN SANICAS argues that the world needs to support science more than ever.

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