Category founder

Our vision for The Rooftop is an ambitious one. We believe the public deserves better than the negative climate fostered by mainstream media and the biased ramblings of newer media outlets.

We’re early on in our journey and we need to find organisations to help support The Rooftop so we can provide more positive news worth shouting about to the public.

One way you can support The Rooftop is to become a category or section founder.

If you have an important campaign coming up, or you feel we’re not covering an issue you want us to, we’re happy to create a section or content series dedicated to the issue you believe is important (assuming that it meets our Editorial Guidelines)!

The amount of content (articles, animations, film etc) created would be agreed with you, depending on the price: e.g. one article a month (£2,500 + VAT for 12 pieces of content), one a week (£15,000 + VAT for a 12 month agreement) or one a day (£80,000 + VAT for a 12 month agreement). There is flexibility on the length of the agreement (e.g. a piece of content every day for a month would be c.£6,000 + VAT). We will retain editorial control, but will schedule reviews with you to set the agenda and report on audience numbers. And a link to your organisation will be included in every article and we’ll list your organisation in a new supporters gallery.

For more information, please contact simon [dot] francis [at] campaigncollective [dot] org or contact him on Twitter @si_francis.