Our community

The Rooftop is designed to connect campaigners and those with an amazing story to tell with the public.

Since our launch in September 2018, we have built an audience across this site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We average around 500,000 content views a week across our channels.

And independent tracking research by Sapio has shown almost 4m UK citizens hear about The Rooftop every three months. This is evenly spread across most regions, although it increases to almost one in ten Londoners and a similar number of Scots who hear from us. There is also some reach into non-UK nations, especially the United States of America, Ireland and Nigeria.

More broadly, our audience is 80% women / 20% men. It is mostly bunched between 25-65 and spread evenly across this demographic, but with 19% over 65 and 7% under 25.

On Facebook, the channel with the largest social following (currently over 50,000), it is 42% women and 58% men. From an age perspective, over one in ten are over 65 (overwhelmingly women) and 46% are under 25 (much more likely to be men).

We don’t take traditional digital advertising at present, but we are looking for sponsors and partners, please find out more by emailing admin [at] therooftop [dot] news or on this page.