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Northumberland comes together to save charity

Heather Pringle

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Campaigners in Northumberland have called for communities to get behind a drive to save vital services that prevent domestic violence and help victims.

Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) is a small independent charity based in the north east, with a huge impact on local communities.

The organisation is currently at crisis point and has had support from people all over the country who have spoken out in support.

Without further funding NDAS will be forced to close its doors at the end of March 2019, bringing an end to the practical and emotional support it provides for anyone affected by domestic abuse in the county.

NDAS is the only domestic abuse organisation in Northumberland to provide specialist support and counselling for children. It coordinates the only direct prevention work delivered in schools and with youth groups to discuss healthy relationships, domestic abuse and sexual consent.

While the statistics show that domestic abuse rates are increasing in Northumberland, campaigners aim to communicate that the services in place to support people affected is in no way sufficient, and that the funding crisis has had a huge detrimental impact on third sector and community based organisations.

One campaigner commented:

This is this is not just a local issue; domestic abuse affects a huge number of people nationally each year and it is important that we speak out demanding that specialist services such as ours be strengthened, not silenced.

To join the campaign, visit or join the Facebook group:

Image: NDAS