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Rooftop TV: Episode 9 – Beach Cleanups, Missing People, Keeping Fit

Tom York interviews Arjun Sharma, a 16-year-old student from Hawaii, who is using his talent for coding to help tackle the global problem of plastic pollution. Plus, Simon Francis talks about Missing People’s new Zoom Call appeal. And a story about a sporting duo from Cardiff who have launched a series of sports classes adapted for people who live in care homes.

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Climate Leadership from Developing Countries

It is only right that advanced economies provide additional technological and financial assistance to help developing countries address the growing climate crisis. However,  LEE WHITE and TANGUY GAHOUMA argue that climate solutions will not come solely from the West: developing countries also have an opportunity to lead this transformation.

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Natural-born climate commitments

Although most countries have acknowledged the threat posed by climate change and established targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, the international community still has not made the same level of commitment to environmental conservation. Yet it is our natural ecosystems that will save us from catastrophe – if we let them. SALLY JEWELL explains.

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