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British boffins club together to tackle world challenges

Scientists in the UK are coming together in a £279m fund to address some of the world’s biggest challenges – including plastic waste, dementia and resistance to antibiotics.

The research teams will work closely with others researchers from around the world on the big challenges, including from the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

The grand challenges was announced last month by the UK government, which is funding 28 projects through its Industrial Strategy, a policy which aims to help support the future development of the British economy.

Projects include:

– A collaboration between UK and Korean research teams which will use Artificial Intelligence to help produce better diagnosis of dementia.

– Work by researchers at the University of Strathclyde and local communities around the world to keep oceans sustainable and cut pollution.

– A research programme between the UK and India to tackle anti-microbial resistance.

The Grand Challenges is being managed by UK funding agency UK Research & Innovation. The project has been designed to encourage UK researchers to increase the work they do with their international counterparts to address scientific challenges of the day. Its Chief Executive Sir Mark Walport, said:

From tackling climate change to preventing and treating infectious diseases, the search for knowledge is a global endeavour that requires collaboration between the world’s best minds.

Science and Universities minister Chris Skidmore, said:

The UK has a reputation for globally influential research and innovation, and is at the centre of a web of global collaboration – showing that science has no borders.

In addition to receiving funds from the UK government, 16 of the 28 projects will also receive match funding from the partner countries with whom they are working.


Photo by Rey Perezoso