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Social enterprise launches technology wellbeing campaign

A technology social enterprise has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help improve our wellbeing by reducing the use of technology in our lives.

The campaign called Tech Free Me will enable people to schedule breaks from things like social media and gaming. Once a plan is made the site will allow users to share their planned break with social media and other digital contacts, so that they are aware of why they are not active on whatever site they use.

Real Social Tech launched the initiative amid concerns about the impact of social media and other technology on our wellbeing, which according to some studies has resulted in people feeling lonelier than when they don’t use it.

The social enterprise plans to use the anonymously collated data to examine which tech platforms are causing the most issues and which types of tech breaks have the most positive effect on mental wellbeing.

Stephen Gray, Founder of Real Social Tech, said:

I hope that campaigns like Tech Free Me will help parents and families to experience the somewhat forgotten pleasure of real social interactions.

Real Social Tech was founded out of the frustration felt by me and others about the fact that, despite the rhetoric, not enough action is being taken to address the impact of poorly designed technology on society.

The Tech Free Me initiative is one of many campaigns planned by the social enterprise over the next few years to bring people closer together.

The organisation hopes to work with government and other influencers to ensure that technology companies design their products differently in future.

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Image by Real Social Tech