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Cot Death Prevention hub launched

A new online learning hub,, has been launched to help parents and professionals reduce the risk of cot death.

The Scottish Cot Death Trust launched  the hub with ‘A Baby’s guide to Safe Sleep’  showing a poem narrated from a baby’s point of view. It explains the safest way to put them to sleep and highlights factors that may increase risks.

Martin Courtney, National Education Coordinator, Scottish Cot Death Trust said:

Our vision is for Safe Sleep Scotland to become a useful, go-to guide for parents-to-be and families.

We also hope professionals, such as those in the healthcare and childcare sectors find the site a handy resource when working with families and infants.

By using a nursery-rhyme style and a child’s voice, we hoped to produce an accessible, engaging and memorable way to visit or revisit the important subject of safe sleep.

The purpose of our education work is not to dictate what parents should and shouldn’t do, but to inform and explain key findings from a large evidence-base.

Although very rare, a infant can die suddenly and unexpectedly every nine days in Scotland – it’s important we continue to think about and discuss how we can reduce the risks by raising awareness and providing a platform for learning and the sharing of good practice.

We hope our new video and Safe Sleep Scotland can help with this.

As part of their larger education strategy, charity staff and dedicated volunteers offer information sessions across Scotland to groups of childcare and healthcare professionals, and parents. As well as education, the charity provides support to families affected by a sudden unexpected death of an infant (SUDI).

For further information on the Scottish Cot Death Trust’s education service visit

Image credit: Scottish Cot Death Trust