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Play-based learning to develop 21st Century Skills

A new initiative to boost play-based learning mimicking future workplace settings has been launched.

STEAMathalon is an online portal available to parents, teachers and wider communities  with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and maths. It uses positive education, coding and sustainable development scenarios.

The portal has been piloted in Canada and Finland and rolled out in Dubai, and is designed to “future proof” students through their school education.

 STEAMathalon Founder, Aaditya Tangri, said: 

In order to nurture and grow human capital for sustainable growth in the future, we must instil ideas such as a growth mindset, design thinking and positive education, which can only be taught through transformative, integrated learning systems. We must be effective in necessitating the significant change required to transform pedagogy and to maximise the benefits offered by modern learning environments and digital technology.

The world of tomorrow is uncertain, and it is, therefore, our responsibility to future-proof our young ones, the next generation workforce. 

One of the fundamental goals and benefits of STEAMathalon is students naturally take more responsibility for themselves as learners in a group setting. Educators and parents who engage with the youth in this way come to understand them better, gaining insight into their aspirations and the communities to which they belong. This makes it easier for them to meet the next generations’ needs and ensure that learning is both relevant and challenging.

Specifically, when students are engaged in their learning, educators are able to make the fullest use of their professional skills as educators.

Image credit: STEAMathalon