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Recycled packaging raft race

Sailors highlighting the need to re-use packaging narrowly missed out on first place in a Cornish raft building competition. built their raft entirely out of local businesses mail order packaging including boxes from Falmouth Cycles and lashings of bubble wrap from local artist Sam Bradbury.

The Penryn Raft Race 2019 was jointly organised by Falmouth and Exeter Student Union and Penryn Town Council.  All rafts have to be sustainably sourced and home-made and race over a 500m course in the waters surrounding the Quay in Penryn.

Co-owner of, Roo Pescod, blogged about the race:

Not only did the team build their raft entirely out of local businesses’ mail-order packaging available through their website, but their lightweight, streamlined craft floated them to a first place victory in their heat putting them (temporarily) at the front of the competition.

Their craft – cruelly dubbed the Packshare Cantamaran – began to show its ironically single use nature when the 4 person team re-boarded for the final race and instantly sank waist deep.

Amidst an afternoon containing one capsize, one instant submersion – followed by a plucky race attempt, and one entry who were disqualified pre-race due to their raft being un-seaworthy, the Cantamaran did a fine job of representing the packaging re-use website’s ethos.

To find local businesses who can reuse your packaging or to receive recycled packaging visit: